Meals planned. Groceries delivered. Pantry managed. Recipes organized. Genius.

Save time, money, and stress with GeniusOfAnd, your team of personal assistants for all things food related. Plan meals and have groceries delivered straight to your work or home. No meal kits. No hidden fees. Genius.

Why? Because life is busy.

GeniusOfAnd saves you time, money, and stress by making meal planning and grocery shopping a seamless and hassle-free experience so you can focus your time on the things that matter most. Genius.

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Meals and Grocery delivery 101.

No subscriptions. No meal kits. We do the shopping and you cook what you want and when you want it.

  • 1. Plan your meals.

    Plan your daily meals for the week choosing ANY recipe you like. We have thousands to choose from and you can even add your own.

  • 2. Customize groceries.

    Your smart grocery list automatically adds all your meal ingredients. Add or remove items and use your virtual pantry to complete your shopping list.

  • 3. Genius Team delivers.

    A member of your Genius Team will online shop for you and handle delivery for your meals and grocery list. Talk about a timesaver!

  • 4. Relax and enjoy.

    Your groceries are delivered straight to your workplace (home delivery is also available) just in time to head home for the day. Easy as pie.

No other service automatically adds meal recipes to my grocery list and my Genius Team handles the tedious shopping and delivery details. HUGE timesaver. Alex - Teacher

How to get started.

We take the tough stuff off your plate. Pun intended :)

Step 1: Sign up

Sign up and join co-workers.

Your group of co-workers allows GeniusOfAnd to shop and deliver groceries straight to your workplace for $3 or less per person per delivery. No tipping. No hidden fees. No minimum order requirements. When you sign up, we will respond with a welcome email and instructions on how to get started. Home delivery is also available for an additional fee.

Let's get started.

Step 2: Plan meals and groceries

Control the planning or let your Genius Team do the work.

Your Genius Team (yeah real people) send you exciting meal recommendations based on your food preferences and budget. You can also browse recipes and schedule your own meals for today or the entire week. Smart shopping lists automatically add meal ingredients and you can set preferred stores, brand preferences, and add or remove anything. You can also choose the default "Genius Choice" and we'll take care of all those decisions for you. Need to place an online order? Your Genius team can do that too. You plan the meals and we handle the details. No one else does that!

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Step 3: Grocery delivery

We handle the shopping and delivery. It's that simple.

Your Genius Team shops for all your meal ingredients and grocery items so you don't have to. We provide reusable insulated bags for you and your co-workers straight to your work (home delivery is also available) for $3 or less per person per delivery. No tipping. No hidden fees. No minimum order requirements. Genius.

Meal planning app experience.

No other service integrates all your recipes with personalized meal planning, family coordination, smart grocery lists, online shopping, and delivery in one seamless experience. We call that Genius.

Meal plan - Personalized for your family.

When we create your account we walk you through a step-by-step questionnaire getting all your meal preferences like diet, foods you like, budget, and how much you like to cook. Your Genius assistant learns your tastes and recommends recipes you will love that are within your preferences. You are always in charge and can select meals yourself from our list of recipes or let your Genius add them for you.

Recipe management - Find and add recipes.

Finding, adding, and managing recipes is super easy. Upload images of cookbooks, text website recipes, search hundreds of available recipes or let your Genius provide you with recommendations. All recipes have cooking directions, servings, prep and cook time, and all ingredients listed. You can even write helpful notes like add bacon!

Genius Team - Assistants for meal planning, grocery shopping, and delivery.

By far the coolest thing about GeniusOfAnd. You get a U.S. based "Genius Team" of personal assistants (real people!) that will fulfill tasks, make meal recommendations, grocery shop, and deliver groceries straight to your work or home. Your Genius Team is available to chat within the app or even through normal texting making things super convenient. Their goal is to make your life easier so you can spend more time doing the things that matter most to you.

Virtual pantry - Organize your common shopping items.

Manage all your home pantry items and easily add or remove them from your grocery lists. This is a great way to combine new recipes with ingredients you already own as well as adding any common household items you might need to buy. You can create categories (meals, toiletries, etc), set preferred brands and even add shopping notes. Genius!

Smart grocery lists - Integrated with your meals.

All your weekly meal ingredients can be automatically added to your grocery list and you can set brands, preferred store, add or remove items and more. Best of all, you can have your Genius Team coordinate pickup or delivery from your favorite stores. How cool is that!

Family coordination - Chat, plan cooking, and meal times.

Coordinate with your family for meal times and assigning responsibilities for cooking and grocery shopping. Everyone gets access to the app and you can message each other and your genius using our helpful chat interface.

Get started with free meal planning and affordable grocery delivery today.

Early adopter special


  • Personalized meal planning
  • Find and manage recipes
  • Pantry management
  • Smart grocery lists
  • Family chat and meal coordination
Shopping and delivery.

No tipping. No hidden fees. No minimum order requirements.

1-10 co-workers

11-20 co-workers

20+ co-workers

$3 / delivery*

$2 / delivery*

$1 / delivery*

*Meal planning is always free. Group delivery fees are per person per delivery. Home delivery is available for an additional fee.

How we compare.

No one compares to the full meal planning service and savings from GeniusOfAnd.


  • Meal planning
  • Personalized meal plan.

    Find and customize recipes.

    Add your own recipes.

    Virtual pantry (saved items).

    Smart grocery lists.

    Genius team (personal assistants).

  • Grocery shopping & delivery
  • Genius Team online shops for you.

    Group delivery to workplace.

    Home delivery available.

    Reusable, insulated bags to reduce packaging waste.

    Quality guarantee. If you don’t like a grocery item we will refund it.

  • Pricing
  • Meal cost: pay what you would pay in store for your groceries.*
    Delivery is $3 or less per delivery.

    *No markup, surcharges, or hidden fees for groceries. Pay exactly what the grocery store charges. Example: $120 for groceries (same as in store) + $3 for delivery. Genius.

Meal Kits (Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, etc.)

  • Meal planning
  • Recipes are limited to the meal kits available each week.

    No recipe customization.

  • Grocery shopping & delivery
  • No grocery shopping available.

    No group delivery.

    Home delivery only.

    High per serving cost.

    Excess packaging.

    Only enough ingredients provided for each meal.

  • Pricing
  • Meal cost: $32-$48 per meal.*
    Delivery included in pricing.

    *Meals are $8-$12 per serving. Example: 4 servings x $12 per serving = $48 per meal. 3 meals per week costs $144 per week and you still need to grocery shop for the remainder of the week.

Online Grocery Services (Instacart, Amazon Fresh, etc.)

  • Meal planning
  • Not applicable.

    No meal planning assistance available.

  • Grocery shopping & delivery
  • 30-45 minutes shopping for yourself on their website.

    No cost savings for using group delivery.

    Home delivery only.

    No quality guarantee.

    Packaging waste. Paper and plastic bags.

  • Pricing
  • Meal cost: 7-10% up charge on entire bill.*
    Delivery is $15 or more per delivery (fees & tipping) + a $10 per month subscription.

    *Grocery items are often marked higher than the store prices and other surcharges may apply. Example: $120 grocery bill x 10% = $132 grocery bill.

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You've got questions. We've got answers.

Below are answers to some of the top questions we get asked regarding group delivery and meal planning.

Group delivery

What is group delivery?

Group delivery means we make one delivery for you and other people you know to one location like an office, school, etc. We coordinate with you, do the online shopping for each person in the group, and sort all the groceries as well. Delivery is also very cheap since the cost is divided amongst the whole group. For example, a group of teachers at a school could each individually plan their meals using our meal planning app and get one group delivery at the end of the workday to their school with everything separated out in insulated bags for each to take home for dinner. Genius.

How do you create and manage groups?

Your Genius Team will message you within the app asking if you want to invite anyone for group delivery. We will get them set up using their own account and coordinate with each person in the group for delivery times and location.

How do you grocery shop for groups?

Each person in the group has their own GeniusOfAnd account and personalized meal plan for their family. Everyone plans their own meals and has a separate grocery list which we online shop with. We always give each family a total cost of groceries and delivery prior to scheduling. Once all groceries are purchased, we sort everything in insulated bags for each person and have the groceries delivered to the groups location and scheduled time.

How do you schedule group delivery?

We message each person within the app and find a time that works for them. We make sure there is a good time that works for everyone in the group and then send out a message with the final day, time, and location for delivery.

Can I still get home delivery?

Of course! Home delivery is always available and you just pay the full delivery fee which is generally around $5 per delivery.

Meal planning

What is a Genius Team?

You get a real personal "Genius Team" of people backed by smart A.I that helps you find new and exciting recipes and meal recommendations based on your preferences. By far the greatest value though is when you want grocery delivery they will online shop for everything in your grocery list making sure you get exactly what you need just like you did it yourself.

How does meal planning work?

You get a weekly dinner calendar you can schedule meals on with your go-to recipes or new ones available in our app. Your Genius Team will also recommend new meals each week based on your meal preferences. The best part is all your meal ingredients are automatically added to your smart grocery list making shopping a breeze. You can even add and remove items, set brand preferences and more!

How do grocery lists work?

You can create as many grocery lists you want and add any items you need to buy. You have a virtual pantry you can save commonly purchased groceries and even set preferred brands and leave notes. Best of all, any meals you add to your meal plan automatically integrate into your smart list so you know exactly what you need to buy.

How do I coordinate with my family?

Coordinating with your family is easy. Everyone gets access to the app with their own account and you can assign who's cooking for each meal, set a preferred cooking time, and even message each other within the app!